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IT Solution

We offer a comprehensive suite of technology solutions to help organizations and individuals transition to renewable energy sources and reduce their carbon footprint. Our solutions include solar energy monitoring and management systems, energy storage solutions, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, energy efficiency, and predictive maintenance. We are dedicated to providing sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective technology solutions that enable our clients to achieve their renewable energy goals.

A monitoring system will measure
  • energy consumption
  • solar electricity production
  • grid expo
  • grid imports, and
  • battery charge and discharge power

Benefits of Solar Monitoring System

  • Timely warnings if your solar system malfunctions
  • Timely warnings if the performance of your panels declines
  • Timely warnings if the performance of your inverter declines
  • knowing the particular cause of your bill's increase or decrease
  • enhancing your store offer
  • Energy efficiency

The system we use to manage the services we provide to clients

The Bridegeselect is the most effective approach to managing solar works,evaluating solar panels,and obtainings STCs more quickly.

CRM System

The CRM system is designed to integrate seamlessly with our other IT solutions, including solar energy management systems, energy storage solutions, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and energy efficiency solutions. By using our CRM system in conjunction with our other IT solutions, organizations can maximize the benefits of renewable energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

BI Solution

At our company, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and support. Our team of experienced professionals is available to help organizations and individuals with every aspect of their renewable energy technology needs, from initial consultation and planning to implementation and ongoing support.

  • Customer support representatives can offer better and quicker customer service if they have quick access to customer information including past purchases and interaction history
  • We can use reporting and visualization tools to detect trends and insights about consumers by collecting and having access to customer data
  • Automation of tedious yet essential customer service and sales funnel tasks
  • It helps to improve customer relationships
  • It develops Leads and Increases sales

CRM Key Features

Lead Management:

Gather and keep track of leads from a variety of sources, including marketing campaigns, website enquiries, and referrals.

Assign leads to salespeople and follow the progression of those leads through the sales pipeline.

Produce automated reminders and follow-ups to ensure prompt and tailored communication with new clients.

Customer Database

Keep an extensive database of client data, including contact.

Look up client profiles to learn important details about their preferences, needs, and previous interactions.

Improve customer service by giving them a personalized experience and effectively meeting their unique demands

Project Management

Successfully oversee solar installation projects from beginning to end, making sure they are finished on time and that the client is satisfied.

Keep track of project deadlines, tasks, and milestones to enable effective team and stakeholder coordination.

Produce papers that are specific to a project, like proposals, contracts, and permits, while maintaining correctness and uniformity

Scheduling and Resources Management

Effectively plan installation teams, tools, and resources based on the needs and accessibility of the project.

Allocation of resources should be optimised to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Enable real-time notifications and updates to guarantee flawless team coordination.

Document Management

Arrange and store all project-related paperwork, such as contracts, licences, engineering plans, and warranties.

Ensure that documents are simple to access and retrieve so they may be shared with clients, contractors, or inspectors or used as a reference.

Keep track of changes and updates by maintaining version control and document history.

Financial Management

Simplify financial operations including billing, tracking payments, and revenue forecasts.

Produce precise quotes, invoices, and financial reports to support open and effective financial processes.

Enable easy data synchronization with accounting systems.

Reporting and Analytics

Produce individualized reports and analytics to learn more about the effectiveness of sales efforts, the financial viability of projects, and client satisfaction.

In order to increase operational effectiveness and business growth, identify patterns, monitor important indicators, and make data-driven decisions.

Integration and Scalability

Our CRM system easily interacts with other business software and tools, including accounting programmes, marketing automation platforms, and customer service applications

It may be expanded greatly to meet the expanding demands of the solar installation business.